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Consent To Data Processing

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your consent is required in order for the Company to process data relating to you for legal, personnel, administrative and management purposes and in particular, to the processing of any sensitive personal data relating to you, including, as appropriate:

Applicable for all staff (including variable workers)

Personal Details: Including your address, date of birth, bank account, emergency contact details and in some circumstances children and driving licence details.

Recruitment Records (whether or not an application leads to any form of offer, either internally or externally): Including CVs, application letters and forms, interview notes and test results.

Sensitive Information: Sensitive personal data will only be kept as follows: -

Physical and Mental Health – sickness records will be kept as part of your employment history and kept on the HR Information System (HRIS) for as long as legal and operational purposes require. The Company may also need to pass this information onto providers of the Company health or insurance schemes.
Commission or alleged commission of offences – details relating to offences/alleged offences, including details of court proceedings, will be kept where you have informed the Company of these or the Company needs to keep these details because they have some bearing on your employment (including working at protected venues in line with security requirements of the venues).
Attendance: Including logs of your time-keeping and/or attendance.

You may withdraw your consent to the Company processing your data for all or any of the above purposes at any time by contacting the HR department on If the Company has legitimate interests as set out in its Privacy Notices and/or Data Protection Policy to process your personal data (available on request), it may continue to do so in line with these interests.